Feeling overwhelmed? You're not alone. Over time, we tend to collect important family items which can be challenging to sort through when one downsizes.


Knowing what to keep and the items to remove.

We visit your house, garage, or apartment so our staff knows exactly what to anticipate before starting the job. For downsizing, AskLandis helps to thin out your belongings by identifying and sorting which items to keep, donate, sell, or discard. Our small, dedicated, and experienced team will work with you to evaluate your situation and meet your needs. Whether you are moving from a 5,000 square foot house into a 1,500 square foot apartment or moving your loved one into a retirement community, AskLandis assures your downsizing needs are fulfilled. 


Knowing the value of items is key and we will remove items to sell as well as donate to a number of organizations we work with regularly. What sets us apart from typical moving companies is that we are sensitive to the customers’ needs and feelings during an emotionally charged process like downsizing. Not only will we move the things you are keeping, but we also sort through items to sell or donate effectively. 


Selling Items

We store your items at no charge in our warehouse while a specialized team member focuses on selling them for you in a timely fashion. AskLandis takes pride in the great relationships we have established and maintained with auction houses and other selling outlets in the area.


As part of the downsizing process, we will work with you to donate items to charitable organizations. As we come in to complete a job, all we ask from you is to sit back, relax, and watch all your stresses disappear. 


We can help.