Millions in life insurance policies go unclaimed every year.

Life Policy Check helps you find what may be left behind.

Did your loved one have a policy you were unaware of?

Life insurance companies believe it is acceptable to not pay out benefits simply because beneficiaries are unaware the policies exist. We disagree. The benefits belong to the loved ones for whom the deceased intended. Life Policy Check helps families find unclaimed life insurance.

How Life Policy Check Works


Life Policy Check notifies the top 100 life insurance companies in each state across the country of the deceased's passing. After we alert them on your behalf, the companies search their records for the existence of any life insurance policies or annuity contracts on the deceased currently unknown to you.


What to Expect

If a life insurance policy or annuity is found, the holding life insurance company will have to initiate the claims process and the funds will be paid to the beneficiaries as the deceased originally intended.

You can expect to receive letters from companies via the USPS confirming whether or not a policy exists.