Forward Mail

Go to click change of address or ask your carrier for a change of address card.



Transfer or disconnect utilities: electricity, water, gas, propane, cable, telephone.


Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogs

Remember: USPS will only forward First Class mail.


Bank & Retirement Accounts, Credit & Gas Cards

Contact your bank(s) and credit cards to update billing & zip codes changes.



Contact your agent to work out change of address details, espe- cially if you are moving out of state.



If moving out of state, when you arrive at your new destination you will need to arrange returning license plates when you get your new plates & registra- tion. Take proper identification and proof of address for new driver’s license.


Register to Vote

If you are changing counties or states you will need to change your voter registration.


Religious Institution

Be sure to update your church, synagogue, or mosque of your move and new address.



If you are changing your child’s school, contact the office to transfer their records.


Doctors, Dentists, Attorney

Transferring legal and medical records as well as images and x-rays is much easier in the digital age.