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Everything in its place. AskLandis, works with individuals and families to clean up the clutter around them, and start on a life free of messes and disorganization. Knowing how difficult it is to simply throw away objects and items that surrounds us, AskLandis uses a professional approach to get rid of clutter and organize homes, creating clean, comfortable, and safe living and work environments. AskLandis shares ideas and tools to not only get organized, but to stay organized. In addition, AskLandis can also assist clients in selling unnecessary items.


Whether you're downsizing

AskLandis is aware that over the years, we tend to collect important family items. Organizing, storing, and removing these items is a daunting task. AskLandis helps expedite the process by sorting and identifying items to keep, donate, sell, or discard. This job is of particular importance when one downsizes. 


Maintaining an estate

When a loved one passes, it can be a tremendous challenge, both emotionally and physically, to deal with the items left behind. AskLandis is able to do the work for the family. We are ready to remove, sort, and organize the items. AskLandis takes direction from the family in terms of how the items are to be dispursed to loved ones, donated, or sold. We also deal with the departed's home as well.  We can winterize the home while it is on the market to be sold. If the home has furniture for staging, once the home is sold, we will remove the remaining items and clean the house for the new owners.


Space Planning

Curious to see how your favorite items will look in your new space? Check out our 2D room designer called Welcome Home. Now, AskLandis can help you furnish, decorate and visualize your home.


A Realtors First Call

Ready to list your house?  Hold on, give us a call!  We'll de-clutter your home so that it shows better, a lot better!  Need repairs?  We can help with that too! Show it well to sell it quickly! Learn more >


AskLandis can help. 

Everyone's situation is different.  It's important to determine what your goals are and how we are going to reach them together.  Our consultation is free and after meeting, you'll have a clear concise road map to achieve your goals in your home.