How The Business Started
and Where It Is Now

AskLandis was formed a year after the founder Stephen Landis’ father passed away. In his father’s passing, Stephen saw his mother face the challenges of getting rid of his things so she could live comfortably again in her own home. In doing so, Stephen realized the need for others who face the same challenges. Sorting and getting rid of family member’s things can be a daunting and emotional task for those involved, so Stephen’s idea of taking that burden away is key in what AskLandis represents.

After years of working primarily with seniors in their downsizing needs, AskLandis is now a full service turn-key solution to assist folks in many facets. In addition to downsizing, AskLandis also specializes in de-cluttering, moving, staging and cleaning houses. We have also launched swap storage, a unique seasonal storage option for our clients.

Over the years, Stephen has developed excellent, professional relationships with furniture buyers, trash recyclers and Goodwill Industries throughout the Mid Atlantic. His service to his customers follows the decree to how he’d want his mother to be treated:  Treat all with respect, honesty and work the hardest to make this transition as smooth as possible.

AskLandis offers a turn-key solution to our clients by allowing them to work with one person throughout their transition. If you’re in need of a carpenter, carpet cleaner or advice, turn to us. We stand behind our work as well as our services and you only have one contact.  

In the last several years, Stephen realized that the high-demand of his services required the need to hire General Manager Brandon Lloyd. A short time after being hired, Stephen noticed Brandon’s drive and passion for the company and promoted him to Vice President and business partner.   

Brandon offers a bevy of assets to the company. In addition to being a young business savvy professional with an educational background in business management, Brandon brings to the table a gentle, caring approach to clients while also innovating new ways for Ask Landis to become more successful .

With the addition of Brandon as an owner, AskLandis will continue to grow in the coming years and will find new avenues to assist the many needs of folks around Central Virginia. Brandon, along with the company’s founder Stephen Landis, will continue to be the area’s number one go to company for downsizing and de-cluttering.