Ready for Market

"I was faced with the prospect of clearing out and getting my parent's house on the market after my father passed away and my mother went into assisted living. I tried to keep up with all of the tasks but had become overwhelmed. I got Stephen's name from my mother's Geriatric Care Manager and emailed him to set up an appointment. Best referral I could have gotten. He promptly responded to my email and set up an appointment to come and view the task at hand. He arranged the appointment on my schedule and we met on a Sunday. He gave me a very fair price per hour and an approximate amount of time he felt it would take to pack and move the items. As we began the process, and there were other things that I found were needed to be done, Stephen was able to arrange for others to come and paint, clean the carpets, clean the entire house, arrange for a carpenter to do several things for me and Stephen oversaw all of the activities. I had set a timeline when I hoped to have all of the work done to get the house on the market and Stephen and his people worked extremely hard to meet my timeline. Not only was Stephen a good person to work with but I now view him as a friend. He has continued to work at selling the items from the house that we did not want to place in storage and he has continued to stay in touch to see how I am doing. You cannot go wrong with services from Stephen Landis."