A Man Who Needed a Lot of Help

The many services offered by Stephen Landis were extremely helpful to me during a very difficult time of transition in my life. Having recently lost my wife, and mother to our two children, to cancer, in a time of distress I was faced with having to prepare two houses and a barn to sell. Stephen and his team helped me pare down and de-clutter my possessions, repair problems with the buildings, and “stage” everything to be ready for the market.

Stephen is able to quickly assess the value of unneeded furniture and household items, and then quickly remove them to be sold, donated or recycled. To the homeowner in need, the process can be daunting, yet Stephen has the expertise and resources to allow the process to be not only quick and efficient, but as painless as possible. In addition, Stephen has a network of reliable and trusted subcontractors to make the needed repairs and upgrades to the house.

Perhaps the most difficult part of such transitions is the decision making process, as the need to move and let go of long held possessions can be very emotional. Stephen is very helpful in this way, as he compassionate in how he works with the client, yet is able to get things done quickly once decisions are made. The services Stephen Landis provided were invaluable, and I recommend him highly to anyone in need of the services he offers.