We've Lived In Our Home For 25 Years

We used AskLandis help us prepare a move from a large house with lots of storage to a smaller townhouse with fairly limited storage and to stage the large house for sale through a realtor in late November 2018. 

Our decision to make a move came suddenly, so we had not done any planning or preparation.  We had lived in our home which we had designed and had constructed for over 25 years and with essentially no constraints on storage, we had many, many things.  We spent a few days and a weekend on our own trying to classify things as to keep, to donate, to throw away, and to sell.  This attempt convinced us there was no way we could manage this process; we did not have the time, patience, or equipment to do it ourselves.  Our realtor suggested we contact AskLandis and see if we could work with them. 

We contacted them and within a couple of days Stephen and Brandon visited us and discussed how their service could help us.  We spent an hour or so walking through all the rooms including the basement, attics, and garage.  They provided useful suggestions and explained how they could work with us.  While they do provide a “Turn-Key” service, we really wanted to be involved through the whole process.  Later that day they provided a quote for the project.  Very important to us was the fact they could begin and complete the work the next week.

The two of them started the project the next week, spending two days packing things we wanted to keep but which needed to be stored in the basement and attic, out of the way, in order to stage the house for sale. 

Everything they said they would do, they executed in a timely manner.  They and their workers were courteous, knowledgeable, prompt, careful, and helpful.  We made all the decisions of how to classify things but when needed or asked for, they provided good advice.  And, they clearly wanted to please us, and they cared about how difficult some of this was for us. 

They demonstrated their experience and expertise in this process, but they were also sensitive to what we thought.

Our excellent rating and recommendation to anyone facing similar challenges to consider them is based on all the dimensions we discussed above.

Jim F.