"Your Children Don't Want Your Coffee Mugs"

That’s how Stephen Landis of AskLandis started his presentation to a group of prospective new home owners.  He specializes in helping folks such as ourselves “De-clutter” our not-so-precious belongings prior to moving into our new home.

AskLandis offers a complete package deal that includes going through your “stuff” with you to determine what to keep, what to take for consignment selling, what to shred, what to donate, and what to send to the scrap pile.

After a thorough review of everything and prior to moving day, Stephen and Brandon came to the house to label everything, (keep, sell, donate, shred, and trash).  They arranged for the movers (Mover Dudes) to pick up our furniture and things for moving.  We had used Mover Dudes in the past, they came and packed us up and moved us the 10 mile trip in a day.

Then Stephen and Brandon performed their de-clutter tasks.  All furniture and things for selling were packed up for transfer to their Charlottesville facility, the shredding material was taken for secure disposal (a free service AskLandis offers to clients) and the trash disposed of and best of all, they even swept up after!

It is not an inexpensive proposition but for the peace of mind and relief of not having to do everything ourselves made it well worthwhile and not knowing what to do with all of this "stuff",  is money well spent.

“De-clutter” is a nice way of saying downsizing, aka – getting rid of the crap we built up over the years.

If you’re planning on moving or just getting to the point of being overwhelmed by your stuff – give Stephen Landis a call.  It will make a difference.

Mike B.  Lake Frederick, VA