No Questions No Objections

In reviewing the whole process of moving and downsizing, the thing that stands out to me the most was how quickly everything happened and how little time we had to get so many things arranged and settled.  That's where your services were so helpful -- you and your crew came in and quickly did what we needed done, with no questions or objections. 

Without your services I simply would not have been able to meet the deadlines we had.  I think you have found a real need in the market and have figured out how to meet it.  I hope your business prospers.

Vincent P

A Job Well Done

I want to thank you for the wonderful, efficient, professional, honest job you did for us. I think you told us that we would get our money's worth, or words to that effect, and we certainly did. It was worth every penny to get everything done, from taking down shelves my uncle had installed to vacuuming carpets and sweeping floors after everything was out of the house. If you ever move to MA, let us know and we will help spread the word. 

Nancy C.

38 Years In Our House

I don't know how we could ever have gotten out of our house of 38 years without you and your marvelous crew, and am eternally grateful! Everything was left in tip-top shape! I don't know what people did before your company came in to being. Everyone was efficient, capable, and sensitive and fun to be around. If anyone wants a recommendation or reference I am happy to sing your praises to them!

June, Robert, and Lydia O.

I'm Here, My Stuff is There

Stephen Landis rocks. He knows his stuff. Gets the job done. Exhibits grace under pressure — and I can say that because I have been an extremely difficult client. I've changed my mind. Quibbled over details. Called him at 9:30 p.m., on a weekend (he responded). Stephen had a honeymoon planned during the time we worked together. And of course, what he's done for me, he was also doing for countless others at the same time. That's a lot of pressure. Stephen never caved, never shouted back, and never failed. He and his team are thorough and efficient. Courteous. Comprehensive. Competent. I would hire Stephen again in a heartbeat, though I imagine he hopes I won't. In a world that offers so little to count on, Stephen Landis stands out. You can count on him. 

Betsy D.

Preparing a House To Sell

Stephen Landis and his crew were saviors during our move. After living in Charlottesville for 6 years, we had accumulated a tremendous amount of junk and didn't have the time, energy or resources to get it out of the house. With Stephen's first class services, we were able to de-clutter the house in less than a day. His team was courteous, respectful and fast. He even provided thoughtful suggestions on how to rearrange furniture for showing our house, based on his years of experience. If you need help with de-cluttering your home, Stephen is your guy.

V.T., Resident of Charlottesville, 2008 - 2014

A Clean Attic

Stephen, I just had to convey the gratitude I feel to you and your team for all your hard work last week.  I'm so impressed, I've actually given tours of the now-spotless attic to visitors!  Thank you Stephen, for promising to complete the task before you in one day....and then following through with that promise.  Thank you for your kindness and professionalism...yours, and the other guys on your team!  Finally, thank you for sending me the master list of my items so promptly.  I'll be anxious to see the results of what sales my "junk" brings in!

Help Me With My Home

I am a pack rat and a self-professed slob. This is a bad combination. For years, I told myself I didn’t care. I couldn’t use half of my living space because it was so cluttered. I forgot what was in those blocked rooms and stuffed closets. Eventually, I became depressed and overwhelmed by the enormity of a clean-up. Something had to be done, but I wasn’t able to make such a giant change on my own. That’s when I found Ask Landis and their de-cluttering service. I didn’t know I was about to see a miracle.

Stephen Landis came to my home (something I hadn’t allowed anyone to do for quite a while). He was warm and very professional. Most of all, he was not judgmental about my situation. He was only interested in how he could give me my house and my life back. He reassured me from the beginning that this was a realistic goal.

Stephen did most of the work while I directed what was give away, throw away or to keep. He sensed when I was getting overwhelmed and slowed down the process. His main focus was to keep me moving, even if only a little bit at a time. In less than two weeks, I had a totally new home. Everything was organized, right down to each and every closet. We found so many treasures that I had forgotten. Nothing I discarded was worth as much as the things we found, things that I didn’t even know I had.

Perhaps the biggest miracle of Stephen’s services was the change in my teenage daughter. I never thought she would allow a stranger to touch her room. But Stephen has a friendly, supportive manner. He did most of the work, encouraging my daughter along the way. I was shocked when I saw what the two of them accomplished in such a short time. My daughter was so happy that her face hurt from smiling. No longer overwhelmed by the chaos, my daughter now keeps her clothes put away and her bed made. She even keeps up with all of her own laundry.

Stephen and his staff have been lifesavers. Their quiet, professional work has given me an incredible return on the dollar. Hiring them is one of the best investments I have made in a very long time. My home is now inviting, and my stress level has gone down astronomically. I strongly encourage anyone with the largest or the smallest project to enlist Ask Landis and watch the benefits unfold.

A Man Who Needed a Lot of Help

The many services offered by Stephen Landis were extremely helpful to me during a very difficult time of transition in my life. Having recently lost my wife, and mother to our two children, to cancer, in a time of distress I was faced with having to prepare two houses and a barn to sell. Stephen and his team helped me pare down and de-clutter my possessions, repair problems with the buildings, and “stage” everything to be ready for the market.

Stephen is able to quickly assess the value of unneeded furniture and household items, and then quickly remove them to be sold, donated or recycled. To the homeowner in need, the process can be daunting, yet Stephen has the expertise and resources to allow the process to be not only quick and efficient, but as painless as possible. In addition, Stephen has a network of reliable and trusted subcontractors to make the needed repairs and upgrades to the house.

Perhaps the most difficult part of such transitions is the decision making process, as the need to move and let go of long held possessions can be very emotional. Stephen is very helpful in this way, as he compassionate in how he works with the client, yet is able to get things done quickly once decisions are made. The services Stephen Landis provided were invaluable, and I recommend him highly to anyone in need of the services he offers.

Ready for Market

"I was faced with the prospect of clearing out and getting my parent's house on the market after my father passed away and my mother went into assisted living. I tried to keep up with all of the tasks but had become overwhelmed. I got Stephen's name from my mother's Geriatric Care Manager and emailed him to set up an appointment. Best referral I could have gotten. He promptly responded to my email and set up an appointment to come and view the task at hand. He arranged the appointment on my schedule and we met on a Sunday. He gave me a very fair price per hour and an approximate amount of time he felt it would take to pack and move the items. As we began the process, and there were other things that I found were needed to be done, Stephen was able to arrange for others to come and paint, clean the carpets, clean the entire house, arrange for a carpenter to do several things for me and Stephen oversaw all of the activities. I had set a timeline when I hoped to have all of the work done to get the house on the market and Stephen and his people worked extremely hard to meet my timeline. Not only was Stephen a good person to work with but I now view him as a friend. He has continued to work at selling the items from the house that we did not want to place in storage and he has continued to stay in touch to see how I am doing. You cannot go wrong with services from Stephen Landis."