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The moving company you can trust.

Using AskLandis eliminates using several different companies to help you relocate to a new home or remove the clutter from your existing. Our services include carefully moving possessions you care about and removing the trash and excess you no longer want. We properly dispose of discarded items at landfill and recycle whenever possible. All donations are taken to the donation center by AskLandis’ associates, so that YOU won’t have to, and in turn, we give YOU the donation slip tax write-off.

Anything you need sold we remove from your house and store it, take pictures of it, market it, and sell it for you. No other company in Charlottesville includes all of these services under one company umbrella. No longer will you have to call several different companies to get your one project completed. 


Reliable. Thorough. Professional.

If you wish, we offer additional services if your home needs it. Under this same company umbrella, we can offer professional house cleaning, flooring installations, painting, or other general house services. All of our staff is insured, bonded, licensed, courteous, and caring. We are professionals who work with individuals with hoarding challenges, who need to purge and organize, need junk removal or seniors who are downsizing.

All of our clients are confidential. We intentionally have vehicles that are unmarked to protect your confidentiality. Our rates are affordable, a fraction of others, simply because we are a small private company without high overhead expenses and franchise fees. We are people who care about your difficult decisions and support you throughout the process. You will never feel pressured from us. You make all the decisions; we are there for you to guide us and to support you.

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