A Weight Lifted

"Stephen Landis and his great crew took a huge burden off the shoulders of my sister and I in May 2013. Our parents moved into their house in 1950. Our mom passed in 2006, and our father continued to live by himself until this past March when he passed away at the age of 87. Our parents were "children of the Depression," and they never threw anything away. Additionally, they were collectors of interesting and unusual things. For 63 years, they collected and kept. The house they lived in was a modest 3 bedroom, 1 bath house with an attic, an unfinished basement and a one car garage. Eventually they added a large storage building in the back yard to hold the overflow of collectibles. There was a small path through the clutter of the basement and the attic, and it was impossible to walk through the storage building. My sister and I often left after visits shaking our heads and saying, "Someday we are going to have to clean all that up." We dreaded the task.

Upon our father's passing, we began the gargantuan task. We removed possessions that were dear to us, our children and grandchildren chose items to remember their grandparents by, and we gave neighbors and friends items as well. Still the house looked nearly untouched. We began to clean out using several weekends and enlisting the help of our husbands and friends. Still the basement especially looked untouched. An estate sales company gave us Stephen Landis' website and suggested he might be able to help us. After talking with Landis, we decided to hand our job over to a professional.

Landis and his crew took a huge burden off our shoulders. They arrived just when they promised and went to work on the basement. They spent four days at the house. Landis and his crew were very polite and conscious of our feelings about seeing our childhood home cleaned out. I stayed at the house while they worked. Several times I offered to help and Landis gently reminded me that I need not do anything. I asked the crew to look for documents and papers that might be stashed away and several personal items we hadn't found while cleaning. They brought everything to me that they thought might be important. If they found money, they brought it to me also, right down to change on the floor. I felt very at ease with these four men working in the house. Landis even included me when he picked up lunch for the crew.

I was particularly impressed by how considerate and polite the crew was. They also were very hard workers. They finished at the time Landis predicted they would. He categorized the items cleaned out in the following ways: to be donated, to be sold, to be taken to the recycling center, and to be sold for the value of the metal. He brought us receipts for the donated and recycled items, and the price for the metal was reflected on his final invoice. He took the extra time to take recyclable items to Van der Linde Recycling in Zion Crossroads where they recycle 90% of what is brought in.

When Landis and his crew left, our parents' house was totally empty and swept clean. My sister and I marveled at how completely and thoroughly the crew had done their job. It would have taken us months and months to have achieved the same results; in fact, I am not sure we could have on our own. In our eyes, Landis and his crew were miracle workers. Ask Landis is worth every penny we paid them. I highly, highly recommend them. Landis' services are indeed unique."