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Moving can be stressful!

AskLandis pulled it off with military precision. That made a very difficult day easier for me and my family."


AskLandis handles everything. We provide you with a free consultation so we can best assess your needs and plan the move accordingly. During this face-to-face meeting, we work with you to understand your situation and how we can help serve you best. AskLandis works around your schedule and set up appointments to accommodate the customers’ needs. 

Private and dedicated.

What sets us apart from typical companies is our one-stop shop for all your moving, organizing, staging, and cleaning needs. In addition to moving the belongings you want to keep, we can help you clean and organize your space so it is staged and ready to sell. We take pride in being prepared and knowing exactly what it takes to get the job done so the pressure is off you. 

Ready to make the move?

We know that moving, downsizing, and decluttering can be a stressful and emotional process so our team makes your move easy.

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