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Always my first call...

The house was not ready! It's a hard sell when unwanted items are still in the house, windows  need to be washed and rooms like empty."


Selling a house can be easier after AskLandis declutters. Realtors consider AskLandis as the go to company before listing a house. They often suggest to their clients to give us a call before listing their house to de-clutter their home. 

A Realtor's Pocket Guide to AskLandis Services


Here is what realtors have said about AskLandis

"Stephen and the crew at AskLandis have been invaluable to us in preparing listings for sale.  They are honest, trustworthy, deliver on time and per our schedule, and do great work. It is a relief to be able to call a crew and plan for a date or a timeline, and know that it will be 100% complete by that date, and that everything will be taken care of, from start to finish.  They have packed and emptied entire houses for us, but have also helped with professional cleaning, landscaping, paint touch-ups, and more. I would highly recommend them for projects both large and small."

Sasha Farmer at Story House Real Estate

"Over the past 23 years selling residential real estate, I've encountered many local companies that help with the transaction.  In 2013 I started working with AskLandis when a home needed de-cluttering to prepare for marketing/sale; clearing out and cleaning rentals prior to sale; repairs for homes going on the market; dealing with personal property in a house being sold by an estate; etc.  In the past I provided multiple contacts to clients to get the various tasks done, now one call to AskLandis and all the tasks are accomplished in a timely professionally manner with written receipts for work and personal property charitable donations.  Asklandis simplifies the process helping my clients to better meet their goals when selling real estate.  Instead of having a one size fits all approach, AskLandis listens to the client, evaluates the project needs and proposes a solution to meet those individual needs".

James Friend Dickerson at Charlottesville Solutions

"I highly recommend Stephen’s services. Stephen was without question instrumental in getting my listing ready for the market. He worked with great sensitivity with my client assisting with de cluttering, furniture arrangement and strategic plans to either move items or sell them. I cannot imagine trying to get the house ready without him."

Lindsay Milby, Principal, at  Loring Woodriff Real Estate Associates


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