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I Felt a Tremendous Weight Lifted Off Me

"My husband owned an antique, art and collectable shop and while looking for retail space, all these various items were stored in our 1900sft home, along with our personal belongings from 38 years of marriage.  He passed away suddenly in May 2019 and I was left with the daunting task of not only sorting through mountains of boxes and piles of the store items, but also all his clothes and personal items.   Thinking I should be able to do this a little each weekend, every time I’d start on a pile, I’d become sick to my stomach.  After a few small boxes of donations and 1.5 years later,  I just could not face this process any longer and became depressed, frustrated and overwhelmed, yet I wanted to move forward with my life.


Then I saw an Ask Landis commercial on TV.  I went to their website and started doing some research and looking into the “partners” they worked with.  Bonded, licensed, insured? Yes, yes and yes.  I liked what I read and heard so gave them a call, chatted with Brandon a bit and decided to set up an appointment for him and Stephen to come to the house, get to know them and the process and obtain a quote.  


You can read about the variety and scope of their services, which in itself is incredible, but beyond that, for me, it was their sensitivity, comfort and sense of understanding of my specific situation and emotions that really struck home.  This wasn’t just another job for their team.  Each of them took it personally, professionally and with extreme pride. Even hanging up some sweaters piled on a chair because I couldn’t access a closet and moving select pieces of furniture around in a room to complete the new look.  They let me be as fully or as little involved as I felt I needed to be with every item, large or small.  They kept watch on my emotions and knew when I needed some reflective time and when to talk me through the sell, keep, toss or donate decision process.  They were a team of calm, smooth, organized professionals.  


As each room was completed, I felt a tremendous weight lifted off of me and a WOW, this is unbelievable I’m in a dream sensation!  It’s been about a week now since the process was completed and I still go from room to room – amazed, thankful and still saying “wow- it wasn’t a dream, it was the Ask Landis team”.  I can now move forward with my life and will be forever grateful."

Carolyn S.


You Always Showed Up

"Thank you for the great work you and your team did to get us downsized and moved. You always showed up when you said you would and you did everything you said you would do. We couldn't be more pleased."

Bob S.

Preparing Listings for Sale

"Stephen and the crew at AskLandis have been invaluable to us in preparing listings for sale.  They are honest, trustworthy, deliver on time and per our schedule, and do great work. It is a relief to be able to call a crew and plan for a date or a timeline, and know that it will be 100% complete by that date, and that everything will be taken care of, from start to finish.  They have packed and emptied entire houses for us, but have also helped with professional cleaning, landscaping, paint touch-ups, and more. I would highly recommend them for projects both large and small."

Sasha Farmer, Realtor at Story House Real Estate



Miraculous Two Days

"My wife and I were facing a move to a new home that would entail downsizing and packing up 35 years of accumulated stuff.  Our realtor suggested we contact AskLandis.  We did and it clearly was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. If you are looking for a way to keep the stress level of a move at a minimum, I urge you to call Stephen, Brandon and Aaron.  In two trouble-free, efficient, organized days these pros cleared away mountains of junk, packed up much of our belongings and staged our home for showing. They even sold my sports car for me.  There were a number of items that we didn’t wish to take with us. Stephen will help you to donate your unwanted items to the proper places and then sell certain items from their consignment warehouse.  In other words, AskLandis does it all for you.  I never thought I could say this but these guys actually made packing up fun! Treat yourself to their caring, personalized expertise."

Richard W.

We've Lived In Our Home For 25 Years

"We used AskLandis help us prepare a move from a large house with lots of storage to a smaller townhouse with fairly limited storage and to stage the large house for sale through a realtor in late November 2018.  

Our decision to make a move came suddenly, so we had not done any planning or preparation.  We had lived in our home which we had designed and had constructed for over 25 years and with essentially no constraints on storage, we had many, many things.  We spent a few days and a weekend on our own trying to classify things as to keep, to donate, to throw away, and to sell.  This attempt convinced us there was no way we could manage this process; we did not have the time, patience, or equipment to do it ourselves.  Our realtor suggested we contact AskLandis and see if we could work with them.  

We contacted them and within a couple of days Stephen and Brandon visited us and discussed how their service could help us.  We spent an hour or so walking through all the rooms including the basement, attics, and garage.  They provided useful suggestions and explained how they could work with us.  While they do provide a “Turn-Key” service, we really wanted to be involved through the whole process.  Later that day they provided a quote for the project.  Very important to us was the fact they could begin and complete the work the next week. The two of them started the project the next week, spending two days packing things we wanted to keep but which needed to be stored in the basement and attic, out of the way, in order to stage the house for sale.  Everything they said they would do, they executed in a timely manner.  They and their workers were courteous, knowledgeable, prompt, careful, and helpful.  We made all the decisions of how to classify things but when needed or asked for, they provided good advice.  And, they clearly wanted to please us, and they cared about how difficult some of this was for us.  

They demonstrated their experience and expertise in this process, but they were also sensitive to what we thought. Our excellent rating and recommendation to anyone facing similar challenges to consider them is based on all the dimensions we discussed above."

Jim F.

Life Saver

"I made a move to settle cross country and could not have done it without the help of Stephen and his crew.  He emptied my house, hauled what I wasn't selling away and cleaned it so that I could put it up for sale. His team kept to a schedule so I could plan ahead and even had help in having my car delivered safely to me."

Pat S.



Turn-Key Service

"What a tremendous service! The team was great and saved us from ourselves by providing a turn-key solution.  I would not hesitate to make a whole-hearted recommendation of AskLandis to anyone who wants to empty a house and get it ready to sell!"

Steve G.

Your Children Don't Want your Coffee Mugs

"That’s how Stephen Landis of AskLandis started his presentation to a group of prospective new home owners.  He specializes in helping folks such as ourselves “De-clutter” our not-so-precious belongings prior to moving into our new home.

AskLandis offers a complete package deal that includes going through your “stuff” with you to determine what to keep, what to take for consignment selling, what to shred, what to donate, and what to send to the scrap pile.

After a thorough review of everything and prior to moving day, Stephen and Brandon came to the house to label everything, (keep, sell, donate, shred, and trash).  They arranged for the movers (Mover Dudes) to pick up our furniture and things for moving.  We had used Mover Dudes in the past, they came and packed us up and moved us the 10 mile trip in a day.

Then Stephen and Brandon performed their de-clutter tasks.  All furniture and things for selling were packed up for transfer to their Charlottesville facility, the shredding material was taken for secure disposal (a free service AskLandis offers to clients) and the trash disposed of and best of all, they even swept up after!

It is not an inexpensive proposition but for the peace of mind and relief of not having to do everything ourselves made it well worthwhile and not knowing what to do with all of this "stuff",  is money well spent.

“De-clutter” is a nice way of saying downsizing, aka – getting rid of the crap we built up over the years.

If you’re planning on moving or just getting to the point of being overwhelmed by your stuff – give Stephen Landis a call.  It will make a difference."

Mike B.

Thank You for Caring

"Hi Stephen,  Just wanted to send you a quick note to say how very pleased we all are with today’s move. Father is happily ensconced in his new apartment which is a blessing to all of us. Kevin and Daniel were so competent and thoughtful and we certainly appreciated EVERYTHING they did for us to make the move so much easier. Thank you so much for your attention to detail and your caring attitude. The services you provided were really helpful and we appreciate all that that you did for us from that first phone call to the completion of the job today."

Jennie and David I.

Ours Was a Complicated Move

"We have moved many times, sometimes with unpleasantness and difficulty.  

The team working with AskLandis could not have been more cooperative and pleasant. Ours was a complicated move, with some items to be given for consignment, some remaining in the home for the new owner, and some to be brought to our new home. Each phase was carried out efficiently with few glitches and with a decided effort to accommodate our needs. Stephen Landis even texted the day after the move to make sure we had a good night in our new place."

Lenora C.

Our Realtor Had Seen a Presentation

"My husband and I sold our big family home in the spring of 2017. We were at a loss as to how we would empty our home of 26 years of possessions. Our realtor had seen a presentation by AskLandis and was very impressed. She gladly recommended them to us.

Stephen and Brandon came to our home, inventoried everything, from complete rooms of furniture, large oriental carpets, all kitchenware-- everything from the biggest to the smallest. It was a quick and painless process and Stephen and Brandon were both friendly, knowledgeable and professional. They explained the process to us, came to our home on the scheduled date and removed all of what we wanted removed. Some of it was donated and some if it was sold through internet sites, auctions and warehouse sales. We received periodic checks for items sold, along with updated inventory lists.

I would highly recommend AskLandis. They take what can be an overwhelming process out of the homeowner's hands and simplify it."

Bev B.

Very Patient with Clients

"Stephen and his crew were all very professional and very fast.  In two days they managed to declutter a house filled with a lifetime of not only good memories, but many things that needed to be thrown out, given away, sold, or stored until the house could be sold.  They will also be there to set up the new home.  It was wonderful having a single company who could do all of that.  There was no need to separately contact movers, storage companies, trash companies, donation companies, and auctioneers.  We are still in the midst of the process but so far so good.  He is also very patient with clients who are struggling to come to terms with a big change in their life, and even those who may be having memory issues."

Margaret N.

Truly a Complete Turnkey Service

"AskLandis is truly a complete turnkey service. From helping my family move several times to working with my clients, they really are the best. I recently had a client with a challenging situation moving to two different locations in the country. Stephen and Brandon, with their crew, were able to organize everything with care and efficiency to be shipped to Florida and Northern Virginia. They then got the house professionally cleaned and ready to be listed in no time. I really cannot recommend their services enough."

Peter Cathcart, Real Estate Agent at Stevens & Company

Turn-Key for people who are downsizing, moving and selling their homes.

AskLandis is your one source to help you downsize, organize and sell.

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