Help Me With My Home

I am a pack rat and a self-professed slob. This is a bad combination. For years, I told myself I didn’t care. I couldn’t use half of my living space because it was so cluttered. I forgot what was in those blocked rooms and stuffed closets. Eventually, I became depressed and overwhelmed by the enormity of a clean-up. Something had to be done, but I wasn’t able to make such a giant change on my own. That’s when I found Ask Landis and their de-cluttering service. I didn’t know I was about to see a miracle.

Stephen Landis came to my home (something I hadn’t allowed anyone to do for quite a while). He was warm and very professional. Most of all, he was not judgmental about my situation. He was only interested in how he could give me my house and my life back. He reassured me from the beginning that this was a realistic goal.

Stephen did most of the work while I directed what was give away, throw away or to keep. He sensed when I was getting overwhelmed and slowed down the process. His main focus was to keep me moving, even if only a little bit at a time. In less than two weeks, I had a totally new home. Everything was organized, right down to each and every closet. We found so many treasures that I had forgotten. Nothing I discarded was worth as much as the things we found, things that I didn’t even know I had.

Perhaps the biggest miracle of Stephen’s services was the change in my teenage daughter. I never thought she would allow a stranger to touch her room. But Stephen has a friendly, supportive manner. He did most of the work, encouraging my daughter along the way. I was shocked when I saw what the two of them accomplished in such a short time. My daughter was so happy that her face hurt from smiling. No longer overwhelmed by the chaos, my daughter now keeps her clothes put away and her bed made. She even keeps up with all of her own laundry.

Stephen and his staff have been lifesavers. Their quiet, professional work has given me an incredible return on the dollar. Hiring them is one of the best investments I have made in a very long time. My home is now inviting, and my stress level has gone down astronomically. I strongly encourage anyone with the largest or the smallest project to enlist Ask Landis and watch the benefits unfold.