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Turn-Key for people who are downsizing, moving and selling their homes.

Downsizing specialists

De-clutter enthusiasts

Turn-Key Solutions

Identify Needs and Timeline

Sell, Donate, and Dispose

Turn Key Solutions

Clean home for new owners

Staging home to sell

Assist move when home sells

Peace of mind, Relax

Reliable. Thorough. Professional.


"What a tremendous service! The team was great and saved us from ourselves by providing a turn-key solution.  I would not hesitate to make a whole-hearted recommendation of AskLandis to anyone who wants to empty a house and get it ready to sell!"

Steve G.

"Stephen and his crew were all very professional and very fast.  In two days they managed to de-clutter a house filled with a lifetime of not only good memories, but many things that needed to be thrown out, given away, sold, or stored until the house could be sold.  They will also be there to set up the new home.  It was wonderful having a single company who could do it all.."

Margaret N.

Pat S.

"I made a move to settle cross country and could not have done it without the help of Stephen and his crew.  He emptied my house, hauled what I wasn't selling away and cleaned it so that I could put it up for sale. His team kept to a schedule so I could plan ahead and even had help in having my car delivered safely to me."

Not sure where to start?

AskLandis is your one source to help you downsize, organize and sell.

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